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3 Most Popular Wedding Themes

May 23, 2016 | Comments Off on 3 Most Popular Wedding Themes

The perfect wedding is every girl’s dream come true. From the venue to the dress to the photography to the decoration, every aspect of a wedding is planned out for months so that you can get that dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Nowadays, weddings are done according to a theme so that every element can be in accordance to that which will give a complete change of setting since you will be creating your own world of beauty and colour. Here are a few theme ideas if you are about to go down the aisle.

1. Sea themeIf you are a beach lover, this is the perfect theme for you. it would be great if you can have a destination wedding on the beach itself, but if not, you can create your own little sea world. You should choose a colour palette that relates to the sea. Well, blue will pop in to your head but it does not mean you should stop there. Add on a few more colours as pink, green, yellow etc. so that you can add decorations such as sea shells, corals and many more. Go for a sea food buffet if possible. Also, remember to dress to the theme. Do not go for heavy wedding gowns and coats. A more casual but elegant sun dress and white linen pant and shirt would be perfect for the couple, check this best snow fx for movies.

2. Winter themeIf you are in the middle of summer but still love snow, well do not hesitate. Go ahead with a winter wonderland theme and remember to have it indoors since snow and greenery in one picture would look weird. You can decorate the entire reception hall with fake snow, snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas lights. No one would feel it is summer outside. Having a fully white wedding with a touch of gold or silver will be a great idea. You can also go for pastel colours such as baby pinks and blues.

3. Fairytale themeWhich little girl never wanted to be a princess? Well, the answer is probably no one. This is your chance to fulfill that childhood dream of yours and be a princess for a day. You can choose an elegant gown along with a full suit for the groom. If you want to add a twist to it and be creative, add some puff sleeves and tail coats to get that perfect vintage look. Also large chandeliers as decorations would add more to the theme by giving it the look of a real ballroom in ancient history. You can combine it with a winter theme and add fake snow too. It would be magical.

If you are about to tie the knot, these few ideas will be great for your wedding. You can also go with a fully floral and lace theme, Hollywood theme or even go for crazy ideas such as pirate and star wars themes. Your wedding is your own. So get crazy and creative and always remember to have fun. Be careful not to miss out on the little moments of happiness amongst all the wedding stress.