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Best Ways To Package Your Personal Possessions

February 23, 2016 | Comments Off on Best Ways To Package Your Personal Possessions

Whether you are moving or simply putting your personal items in temporary storage, you will need to know how to package said items to prevent unexpected future damage. Packaging might not seem like an overly complicated task that does not require more than a functional knowledge of physics, but the storage of delicate and valuable items requires some serious thought nevertheless. Whether you are transporting your goods to a remote location or keeping them stored in a stationary setting, you cannot afford to let less than stellar packaging be the cause of lasting damage to your goods. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to package your valuables securely.

Secure suitable containers

The best and most efficient option for storing your goods would be a storage box.

However, make sure that your storage box comes from a reputable brand that guarantees durability and sturdiness, since you will need to store your items in a protective environment that would effectively guard against external assaults. You can obtain these boxes from a storage company that would also most likely offer self-storage options so that you could dispose of your possessions securely and free up some space in your home. 

Follow proper packaging procedures

If you are packing fragile items such as glassware, make sure to wrap each item with newspaper before placing it inside the box. Use bubble wrap for items that cannot be secured with newspaper and insulate the bottom of the box with additional newspaper to ensure that the items inside the box do not shit during the journey. Pack the box with enough items so that there are no loose spaces that would make things bump into each other; the more firmly lodged the items are, the less of a chance there is that they will get damaged by an accidental dropping of the entire box.

Spread the weight evenly

Heavier items should go in a box that is relatively smaller in size since the weight of the item should be distributed evenly on the bottom of the box in order to prevent a collapse. This also makes it easier to carry the bigger items because they will be in a self-contained unit. If a box is being filled with smaller items, make sure that you do not overstuff it even if you merely want to be economical and save space, since a box that is too heavy is liable to disintegrate and damage your goods in the process. However, you can use the larger of the boxes for the smaller items, just as long as you do not make it too heavy for convenience of transport or in a manner that exerts undue strain on the structure of the box.