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Why You Should Switch Over To Software For Your Restaurant

May 2, 2016 | Comments Off on Why You Should Switch Over To Software For Your Restaurant

For those who have been on the manual track for so long it may seem like blasphemy to switch over to the new world’s gadgets and computer dependent items to manage and control your restaurant. But according to statistics there is a significant increase in productivity and decrease in employee problems when there is a computer keeping numbers instead of a person.

During peak hours it can become like a war zone in a restaurant as there are numerous customers and their multiple orders and keeping track of them can be a difficult task for even the best mathematician. So here are some of the top grossing food management software depending on their usage in the market

●    Revel iPad POS

One of the award winning food management software in the market, this can be used in your restaurant, retail shop, self-service kiosks, QSR restaurants, stadiums, events, grocery stores and business establishment. Focusing on the restaurant specific aspects of the software it can be customized to restaurant, bar, stadium, mobile, pizza or event and depending on the requirement the Revel systems can design any specific customized software. The software tracks your inventory, scheduling, transactions, customer databases, sales and labour reports and has many other features that has an added business performance analysis too.

●    Minotaur business systems

This software is created for all food, meat and chemical manufacturers and distributors with a business sized small to medium.  It will track all your products and trace them until their delivery point and all this information can be backed up on your own internal server or on a cloud server. The software allows you to connect from your office to the manufacturing accounting software to warehouses and the mobile employees on the road delivery.

●    Dietary manager

Especially created for the restaurant and food related businesses this software lets you manage your inventory, track diet information per menu items, the whole of your menu and staff. Best for hospitals, nursing homes, schools for their cafeterias the nutritional analysis is the best for any restaurant that wants to show their customers about the health benefits and calorie intakes and other information regarding their orders.

●    CostGuard inventory control software

This software is also especially customizable for any restaurant depending on their requirements. In the general software, if you choose to use it, it tracks the recipes, menu items, sales, inventory and reporting schedules for the restaurant. The software can generate analysis of actual and ideal costs for the food items and also give you calculations of variances between the menus and individual items in the menu.

Depending on their usage software can be customized according to your needs and most companies give technical help and support in many instances where you run into trouble.