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Drawbacks Of Using A Curtain Wall System

February 1, 2017 | Comments Off on Drawbacks Of Using A Curtain Wall System

There are glass and metal wall systems which won’t be as attractive, durable or even a cost effective solution for you to consider. You will have to think about the leakage issues which might be related to even trimming covers. These are some common problems for you to consider. Here are some drawbacks of using a wall system:


There are many issues related to construction which might be connected to assurance of quality. The most creative design can fail if not executed well. There are many experienced managers, foremen, iron workers as well as operators of cranes which are required to make the project a successful one. Some contractors might not be extremely qualified and the plans might not be properly implemented. Make sure you think about the curtain system properly.  


Most often the erection of the building is not done well. Most often this rule is not complied with. Some even have stones, glass, panels and gaskets which are all damaged. This can be due to bad transportation and the frames not being placed well. It needs to be planned as well as implemented well. Make sure that you do think about hiring an experienced installer for exposed frame curtain wall the task.


There can be many issues related to alignment. It can be related to the structural unit, issues with tolerance of the walling unit, unacceptable imbed which connect to anchors on the wall. Sometimes there can be issues related to tolerances of the walling unit. The construction tolerance must be related to the height of the structure where it must be at least ¼ of the height. Make sure that the curtain wall is done well. It is difficult to correct alignment later on.


You must test the performance of the system carefully. You can try a mock unit to figure out the design and structure. Some tests will even focus on figuring out the drawbacks for aluminum curtain wall of the unit. Sometimes the pre-construction factors in the testing unit can cost a great deal during the initial stages. There are several unforeseen factors for you to look into. Make sure that you analyze all of them carefully. Some might not be expected at all. Ask someone experienced to assist you with the task at hand. You might need to figure out the manpower and cost of resources before you decide on curtain walling any structure. Do some research before you begin. You can even study the market for a few months to gain a better understanding of what to do.